I was spurred to write this rant post, after randomly reading a post from Elizabeth’s Little Blog. So sorry Elizabeth lol, this is in no way really intended to put you off getting your Mac, I’m sure it works very well for some people and I hope you’re one of those, just had to get it off my chest!

I was obsessed with Macs since the first iMacs and finally got a brand new Macbook about a year ago. Shiny and white, it’s got a 2Ghz Core 2 Duo and 1Gb of RAM.

The Mac OS is so impressive for the first few days, the windows zoom about ready for selection, the dock looks amazing, and everything looks so clean and modern. However, after the novelty wore off, I was less impressed. It might just be me, but programs such as Photoshop run cripplingly slow, and I’ve always considered those to be the homeground of Apple. Applications continually need some alt+cmd+esc treatment, (buttons your fingers soon become shaped to!), and its forever running out of HD, I think because of the way it uses it for memory.

Added to this, and almost as a bigger suprise to me, after owning several iPods whose build quality was faultless, was the flimsiness of the hardware itself. The way the keyboard layer slightly overlaps the edge of the main case means that there is about 2mm of plastic prone to snapping off as your palms brush past them while retracting from the keyboard. This is a problem that a few people have faced, so I’m glad to say its not just down to my heavy-handidness.

Disappointingly the Macbook has put me off of Apple computers for life, and my replacement which should be with us soon fingers crossed, will be an Alienware m15x, which I’ll be dual booting with XP and Ubuntu, because the 5 minutes that I’ve spent with Vista has shown me that there is a lot more memory hogging, plasticy, and mothering OSes than OS X.

Sorry Mac Fanboys’n’Girls!